We make ideas happen! 

Vitar AS was founded in 1989 with business development being its main area of activity, and it is still being used as a parent company with a view to developing the company's various concepts.

During the company's 30 years of existence, it has gained considerable experience from diverse business activities both at home and internationally. The company has been involved in various business sectors such as grocery trade, food and beverage, hotel accommodation, property development, tourism, industry etc.

Our guiding principle is to make ideas happen.

The company's main goal is to create profitable concepts and be involved in developing the business until it is ready to be commercialised.
In some cases, we also take part in the early operational phase.
The core activity of the company is concept and business development. This comprises a creative process where the long-term aim is to commercialise an idea or a planned project. We work with many different market segments, and in the past years we have carried out several profitable projects in the said business areas.

For the past 10 years, the company has worked on many ideas; the most well-known project being the idea and concept development of a hotel by the Svartisen glacier, now more commonly known as Svart Hotel. Vitar AS has sold out of the project but is still strongly involved by being both a shareholder in the owner company and by working actively to support the establishment and building of the hotel. Currently, the American company US Capital Global is working on a sizeable issue to raise capital for the realisation of the hotel.

At present, we work mainly with energy optimization of commercial buildings. For a long time, the scientific community have pointed out that there is an enormous potential for savings, both economically and in terms of the environment, by reducing energy consumption and thus making the property sector more efficient. In 2018, energy production caused close to 32% of the world's CO2 emissions, equivalent to approx. 13 billion tonnes of CO2. Several technical authorities claim that Norway will not be able to reach its sustainability goals for 2050 unless major action is undertaken in this field.
SAStech AS, Sustainable Alternative Solutions technology, offers a solution that will contribute to this shift. This is a green effort with significant potential both on a domestic level in Norway as well as in other countries.

Source: UN Climate Panel, SINTEF      

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