Svart, the world's most sustainable hotel, providing a 360° view of Svartisen glacier and the arctic nature.


Svart is the first hotel in the world being built north of the Arctic circle and in line with the energy principles of a Powerhouse. The circular shape embraces the shoreline at the foot of Svartisen and reaches into the clear waters of the arctic fjord.

The shape of the hotel provides for a panoramic view of the fjord and a sense of living close to nature. The design is inspired by local coastal building traditions, founded on wooden pillars that dissolve the boundary between the mainland and the fjord.

Building in such a precious environment entails clear obligations in terms of creating a sustainable tourist destination. The hotel's energy consumption will be 85% lower compared to other modern hotels, and it will harvest enough solar power to supply both the running of the hotel and the energy needed to construct the building.


A shape true to time and nature Svart is situated just north of the Arctic circle, where the summer days are endless and the winter nights are lit up by the amazing northern lights. The hotel lies on the incredible Helgeland coastline, close to both Bodø and the Nordic gem, Lofoten. Svartisen, position 66 ° 38'N 14 ° 00'E, is the second largest glacier in mainland Norway.

The name, Svart, which means «black» in Norwegian, is an outright tribute to the dark blue ice in the Svartisen glacier. In Old Norse, the word for black and blue was the same, and the name of the hotel is a reference to the ancient Svartisen glacier as well as to its precious natural surroundings.


Enjoy fantastic glacier walks, breath-taking northern lights expeditions, yoga training in the midnight sun, diving in spectacular waters and tasty local delicacies. These are just come of the arctic activities that will be available in the pristine surroundings around Svart.

LOCATION Svartisen Meløy, Norway


Year 2018